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The company has posted a new, deep dive on YouTube The company unveiled the various features that will be featured within the team management aspect of Mut 23 coins the upcoming sports game. The video is at five minutes that focuses on Madden nfl 23's new talent trees, a revamped system for scouting as well as the franchise staff feature and more.The clip starts by describing the changes its new franchise staff system will bring to the mod that will allow players the ability to supervise "everything from the front office all the way to the field." It will permit them to employ new staff and then teach them, with employees providing access to an updated talent tree , which can be used to improve their team's strengths and make their players fit the particular style of play. In the future, there will be 3 kinds of staff members who can be hired such as coordinators, head coaches and players. Managers will have the ability to improve the quality of staff with these roles by earning "staff points," which are earned through creating and achieving weekly targets. This will all be accessible via a new hub for franchises, which comes with plenty of updates to improve the quality of life and add-ons.

In addition, a revamped model of scouting is set to make its way into the game in post-launch content that will be added after launch, with EA asserting it'll be included through a "live-service version" in September. The updated system will allow players to find new talent via regional and national scouts with EA declaring the system to be much more detailed than it was in the beginning. In order to help make the game more real prospects will also be able to change their positions on the draft board throughout the season depending on their accolades.There's as well the new weekly strategy feature, which EA labels"the "core" of the Madden nfl 23 Franchise Mode. It is believed that the system will allow players to check the statistics and make educated decisions about how to run their team, giving them the option to analyze what strengths they have in their adversaries, manage fatigue levels, evaluate performance, and more.

Then, EA details the enhanced season engine that was shown briefly in Madden nfl 23's most recent trailer. It'll provide a variety of exciting scenarios that are designed to resemble the difficult decisions faced in real NFL managers. The game is loaded with 50 unique scenarios that will force players to think on their feet. The company revealed one situation where a manager is faced with the challenges of buy mut coins madden 23 a young wide receiver. If they can conquer these challenges, they've got the chance to transform them into a rising star and add another name on their list.

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