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Recent Wet Weather

We have had a recent influx of well deserved rainfall which has helped everything to shoot up! Now is a good time to weed and feed you lawns and doing it before a shower or spell of wet weather can save watering and prevent scorching.

Some plants may dislike the wet conditions and if this weather continues it is best to cover them or put inside. Plants such as bananas and delicate flowers in pots can easily be moved inside. This is only necessary in harsh conditions.

Due to the sudden wet weather, grass and hedges have suddenly shot up so regular lawn mowing is important plus a trim of the hedge now will reduce the amount needed to be cut in the autumn. We like to protect the bird life in peoples gardens so if you know there are birds nesting in your hedge, leave it alone till the autumn.

For any queries or work you need doing, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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HB Services

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