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Planting bamboo

HB Services had a client which required the removal of laurel stumps and planting new bamboo plants to fill the gap along their fence. The client was unsure of how this was done, so some advice was given before carrying out the work.

Firstly, the laurel root balls were dug out by hand, ensuring all small roots were removed. Before planting bamboo shrubs, a plastic boundary was required to ensure roots didn't creep into neighbouring property or take over the garden. Therefore, a trench, approximately 60 cm in depth was dug around the area which the bamboos were required. This is done to contain the roots from horizon growth, ensuring sufficient control of growth.

After a sufficient barrier is in place, bamboo shrubs can be planted with a good depth of soil and the addition of manure, particularly chicken manure as it is highly nutrient dense,

allows good coverage to roots. Ensuring the soil is firmed down, this prevents wind damage and movement.

This has reformed the garden along a fence which previously was left bare, and though many are dubious with planting bamboo in a garden, with correct control, many benefits can be had without the risk of over growth.

If you would like to add bamboo to your garden and need advice, contact HB Services today.

Before and After.........

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