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New project: pond digging

Recently, HB Services had the task to create a new pond in a customers garden in Norfolk. We thought we would share with you how we did it:

What you will need:

- a spade

- a wheel barrow

- plastic liner which will fit the size of pond you want (without holes in it)

- some string/markers when working out the shape

- something heavy to hold done the plastic liner

- an edging material: such as bricks or slabs

- source of water: a hose or rainwater containers

It starts with marking out the shape of the pond and working out the depth you require. Once you know what you want in terms of style, start digging an outline of the pond.

Once you have an outline, the turf can be removed, or surface trash on soil. This can be used elsewhere in the garden or removed elsewhere. Now the hard work begins; the digging commences. Start by digging down about 30 cm of soil until all one leave (roughly). After you get to this level you can start digging down to the depth you require. In this case, we only dug out the centre another 40-50 cm as the customer wanted a relatively shallow pond.

Once the depth and shape has been reached, ensure any stones and debris left in the hole is removed. A good technique is to use a spade to pat down the outside of the pond to push stones and lumps into the soil, preventing the liner from being damaged.

Now comes the time when you can add the plastic liner. Lay the plastic sheet over the pond allowing some excess to fall down in the middle. The best way to get the liner to fit well is to start filling up the pond now. So start adding water and slowly allowing the water to take the shape. Correct any folds and places where the plastic is misplaced until the pond is filled. Now you can cut the excess plastic around the edge, approximately 20-30 cm wider than the edge. place the stones of your choice around the outside and you have an instant pond.

If you have been inspired and want to do something in your garden, contact HB Services today, we will be happy to help.

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