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Jobs to do in January!

There are more activities in the garden to do than you think at this time of year. It will be spring sooner than you think so several jobs can be done in preparation.

- Mulching: Using up trimmings and compost to cover soil to add organic matter, nutrients and to suppress weeds before the spring.

- Trimming: continue to prune anything overgrown in your garden before the spring so that you have more time when you need it.

- Protecting your plants: if there are some sharp frost in the coming days or weeks, anything delicate in the garden may need protecting to prevent frost damage.

- Repairs: if you have any damage from weather or general repairs in the garden, such as to the shed, fence or gate, now is a good time to get those jobs out of the way!

- Planning: it may sound like a long shot, but planning your garden for the next growing season is always a good idea now. Plan out what you need to buy, what you plan to do, any jobs you need to do in preparation and most importantly, allowing time to enjoy the garden in some way other than working in it.

Just a few ideas to help you be prepared for the spring and get those small tasks done, even if it is a bit chilly!

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